Airson English School, Badlapur

“A pioneer in moulding the minds in millions”

Annual Report 2020-21

My joy knows no bounds to bring out the annual report of the school for the year 2020-21. The school was founded by the famous philanthropist revered Late. Shri. Shivprasad Dubey sir in 2013. Since then it has been aiming at rendering quality and value based education amongst the youngsters through the medium of English in accordance with the curriculum and norms of Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Airson English School has been stepping from glory to glory all through the years since its humble establishment. Quite in keeping with the tempo and temperament of setting up hallmarks, we did excellently brilliant in both scholastic and co-scholastic fields even though the entire world came to a traumatic standstill under the grim clutches of the covid-19 demon. The Satanic force of pandemic could not shatter our motto of service. Rather, our determination and dedication to the cause of education became triumphant in the pandemic hit situation. For such a great achievement I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the benevolent, gracious, prudent and dynamic management, the honest and hardworking staff, the obedient students and the encouraging PTA for your continuous support and cooperation. With ample joy and pleasure in heart, I bring to light in a nutshell the highlights of the past academic year 2020-21 as follows:

Academic Excellence:

Last year was really a landmark and hallmark year for our school. There is enough reason for us to feel proud of our school’s board performance last year. Out of 27, in the year 2019-20, there were three candidates secured above 90% marks, 5 above 80% and rest above 50%.

Qualified and well equipped staff:

For achieving the academic mission, the school management has been laying stress in advancing the teachers with the latest technologies and aids. As a result, the dedicated and devoted teachers have been working here round the clock in attending webinars, seminars, CBSE led programmes and then, planning and preparing their lessons before taking online lectures. Laptops, smartphones are used extensively with all updated apps like Zoom, Conference call, Google class room etc.


Term wise examinations and periodicals tests were taken, mostly in the Google form. Split screen method was applied for those exams and tests to maintain fairness and integrity. We managed to take two offline exams also with a perfect follow-up of social distance. Parents were time to time given due feedbacks through Open Day meetings. All these efforts helped us to realize our optimum result from the students.

Remedial Classes:

For the slow learners, we conducted remedial classes in Maths and Science after regular class hours. Thus, no stone was left unturned for the overall progress of the students.

Important Days:

Different programs were organized yester year to observe the national days like Independence Day, Republic Day etc. Moreover, yoga day,. Environment day, children's day, Father’s Day. , White Day (Gandhi Jayanti), teacher’s day, environment day, tree plantation day, Grand Parent’s Day, Orange Day, Hindi Diwas, Marathi Diwas etc were celebrated with full pomp and show, with perfect zeal and zest. The students got lessons of social values, responsibilities and teamwork. Inter house competitions of recitation, quiz, handwriting, storytelling etc. also took place. Music, dance and drawing competitions also excelled The Airsonites avail ample opportunities to give vent to their creative and constructive skills through such healthy rivalries.

Investiture Ceremony:

Airson English School introduced the housing system right at its inception. Last year it took place on 22nd June. The captains, vice captains, prefects, different club in charges and class monitors were elected on this very day. Thus the future leaders. Democrats and ministers get exposed to the real life situations.

Physical Education and Sports:

It is needless to say that the Airson English School has been working for the all-round development of the students. In an age of utter professionalism and hard work, A person has to be 100% fit and agile both physically and mentally. So the Airsonites take part in sports competitions all-round the year. The students have added several laurels to the school’s fame and reputations.


Morning assembly is the perfect platform for the students where their inherent talents and potentials can find a suitable outlet. They can identify their skill of creativity in any particular field like stories, riddles, thought, prayer, devotional song, painting or some magical tricks.


To instil a kind of cultural excellence among the students, we ensured different celebrations on different occasions like, Guru Purnima, Dandiya, Christmas celebration and so on and so forth.

Inter House Competitions:

Countless competitions took place all round the year in 2020-2021. Rakhi Making Competitions, Storytelling competitions, poetry, solo dance, Clay moulding Competitions, Fancy Dress Competition, Kite Decoration, Shloka, Drawing, Slogan Competitions, Elocution, Quiz and Handwriting Competitions were there which infused the qualities of constructive rivalry, creative outlook and self-confidence among the students.

Different co-scholastic Activities:

Our students organized online Science Exhibition, Cake and Greeting Card Making, Road Safety Rally, through placards and posters. Thus the Airsonites learn by doing and performing Special Yoga Session by the expert P. E. Instructor, Quiz Competitions etc. Thus the Airson English School performed miracles in Co-scholastic arena as it did in the field of academy.

At the fag end of my report, I would like to extend my cordial gratitude to the management of the school whose enlightened philosophy and liberal attitude and approach ensured such a glorious record of our school Simultaneously, I appreciate the teaching and non-teaching staff as a whole who exploited their utmost potential for the cause of our school's best performance. Next, I must admire all of my sweet and loving Airsonite angels who laboured hard to materialize our dreams both in academics and non-academics. Last but not the least, how can I forget the help, support and cooperation of the well-behaved, well cultured and amicable parents of our school.

I would like to conclude my annual report with a humble prayer to the Supreme Invisible to crush the Satanic force of Covid-19 in no time and I also pray to the all-Pervading Almighty Force to embetter , elevate and illumine the lives and lots of the countless humans and all living creatures here on earth, which in turn, will inspire us, the Airsonites, to create glorious wonders and mesmerizing miracles more and more in the upcoming years.