Airson School - Bringing Life to Education...

A Building With Four Walls And Tomorrow Inside

About Airson School

Chairman: Mr. Gopal R. Dubey
Vice President: Mr.Munshi J. Dubey
Profesionalist: Mr. Devenranath Dubey

school bldg Shri R.L DUBEY, the founder of AES in the year 2000 envisioned an educational institution that would incorporate in its pedagogy a synthesis of modern technology of Teaching and Learning with Indian Values A blend of the ancient Gurukul and modern educational institution, the school aims at imparting holistic education, synthesizing the ancient cultural richness of our country and the contemporary in all the areas of its functioning Striking a balance with educational inputs in keeping with the 21st century and our rich culture and core value system, it aims to provide a wholesome learning environment for children to develop into a confident, effective, responsible and enlightened world citizen MATASHRI NAVRANGI DEVI Trust, realizing these challenges, has started AIRSON ENGLISH SCHOOL in Badlapur (Maharashtra). – A school with a difference where potentiality is transformed into reality.

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