Pre Primary

Pre-primary Activities



Our Pre-Primary Section is a space for all round development of a child through play way method. Pre-school education is an indispensable instrument for the proper personality development of a child. Habits and attitudes acquired in the early childhood play major role in their life. To enhance this, our dedicated teachers narrate stories and conduct different individual and group activities and inculcate moral and emotional values in children.

We are rich in activities. Primary education period is the right age to develop the fine motor skills, large muscle, cognitive development and pincer grip. Keeping this in mind, we design different activities for children throughout the academic year. Along with this, all children are given the opportunity to participate in intra-school competitions which help them to develop their communication skills, confidence and leadership qualities.

Sports is an event where we can teach the children discipline and sportsman spirit. We ensure each child takes part in all events.

To develop the listening, reading, writing and communication skill smart boards are used in all the classes. To satisfy their curiosity and exploring nature, art and craft exhibition is conducted. Our Pre-Primary Section has highly qualified and experienced teachers and kinder garden is well equipped with latest technologies, where the needs of children are properly taken care.